Types of Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete batching plant is a complete set of equipment for producing concrete mixture, which is widely used in civil engineering. In the concrete plant, all the ingredients including cement and fly ash, water, sand, stone, and additives are loaded, transferred, batched, weighed, mixed, and discharged according to the preset mixing ratio, producing concrete that meets quality requirements.

Different Types of Concrete Batching Plants

Concrete batch mix plant can be classified in many different ways.

Stationary and mobile plant

Generally speaking, the concrete mixing plant can be divided into two categories: stationary and mobile plant. Most of the stationary concrete plant adopt a modular easy-to-assemble design, which is mainly used in large-scale engineering construction or large-scale commercial concrete manufacturers. The stationary plant has higher requirements on the foundation, but the equipment has strong production capacity, stable operation, high measurement accuracy, and good anti-interference. The mobile concrete batching plant is towed by a trailer unit, with good maneuverability, easy disassembly and assembly, and more flexible production. This mobile plant is generally used in various small and medium-sized temporary construction projects.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant
Stationary Concrete Plant
Mobile Batching Plant For Sale
Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Skip hopper and belt type plant

According to the feeding method, the plant can be divided into skip hopper and belt type concrete batching plant. Hopper feeding is widely used in AJ25, AJ35, AJ50, and AJ75 plant. The skip hopper concrete plant has the characteristics of small size, easy installation, low terrain requirements, and simple operation. It is mostly used in the temporary production of concrete. Belt feeding is used in AJ60, AJ90, AJ120, and AJ240 plant. It has stable conveying, accurate batching, and high working efficiency, and is mostly used in commercial concrete mixing plants.

Skip Hopper Concrete Batch Plant
Skip Hopper Concrete Plant
Belt Type Concrete Mixing Plant Price
Belt Type Concrete Mixing Plant

Commercial and engineering concrete mixing plant

According to the purpose, the plant can be classified into commercial and engineering concrete plant. The commercial mixing plant is mainly for commercial purposes, which should be highly efficient and economical, while meeting environmental protection requirements. The engineering concrete batch plant is for self-use, which should be considered in accordance with its own project.

In addition, according to the number of mixer, the concrete plant can be equipped with single mixer or dual mixer. The double mixer concrete plant is a good supplement to the same type of plant.

Tips for Selecting The Right Type of Batching Plant

  • Consider the performance code of construction concrete, which determines what kind of mixing machine to use. For example, for water conservancy projects, a forced mixer machine must be used.
  • The construction period and task volume of concrete. The two parameters will determine the size of the mixing plant.
  • Consider your construction requirements and environment. For example, when the construction requires a large amount of one-time pouring, and high quality concrete, it is best to choose two smaller concrete plants. When the traffic on the construction site is inconvenient and it takes a lot of time for maintenance personnel to enter and exit the construction site, it is best use dual-stations with the same specifications, or prepare enough spare parts to ensure smooth construction progress.
  • Requirements for the operating personnel. Generally, the small concrete batching plant has simpler structure and control system, so the requirements for the operation and maintenance personnel are lower. The larger plant has a complicated structure and a high degree of automation, so the requirements on the operator are also high.

Proper Use of Concrete Plant

When operating the concrete batch plant, you should strictly observe the following principles:

  1. The computer of the batching plant cannot be used as an office computer.
  2. Please do not produce in lightning weather, shut down the system and disconnect the main power supply.
  3. Equipment electrical drawings and other manuals should be obtained in the control room.

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