Stationary Asphalt Plant

Stationary asphalt plant is a great choice for centralized engineering and urban road construction to mass produce asphalt concrete. According to the stirring method, it can be divided into batch type and drum type:

Batch type

For asphalt batch mix plant, the heating and drying of the aggregate and the mixing of the mixture are forced to be carried out periodically. That is, it produces asphalt mixture in batches with short pauses between batches.

The ALQ series stationary asphalt batch mix plant is mainly composed of cold aggregate supply system, drying cylinder, combustion system, hot aggregate elevator, vibrating screen, weighing system, mixing system, dust removal system, filler supply system, asphalt supply system, control system, finished product silo and other parts. This series adopts modular design, which is convenient for installation, maintenance, disassembly and transportation.

The batch type asphalt plant is suitable for the construction of highways, municipal roads, airports and ports.

Batch Type Stationary Asphalt Plant For Sale
Batch Type Stationary Asphalt Plant


Technical Parameters:

Type ALQ40 ALQ60 ALQ80 ALQ100 ALQ120 ALQ160 ALQ200 ALQ240 ALQ320
Capacity(t/h) 40 60 80 100 120 160 200 240 320
Mixer(kg) 600 800 1200 1300 1700 2300 2800 3300 4500
Mixing cycle(s) 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45
Dry capacity(t/h) 50 80 100 120 150 200 260 300 400
Fuel Diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, pulverized coal
Dust filter Gravity dust filter+ Cyclone dust filter + Bag dust filter/ Water dust filter
Bag dust Filter area(m2) 260 380 420 420 520 620 820 1050 1224
Fan motor (KW) 37 45 55 55 75 110 132 150 185
Vibrating layer 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 6
Asphalt tank(t) Option, 10-40T or Depend on request
Asphalt heating system Heat conducting oil furnace or Direct heat asphalt tank

Features of ALQ series asphalt plant:

  • The mixing system provides even mixing, high production efficiency, safe and reliable performance, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Modular design, complete steel structure base, reasonable layout.
  • The design of the drying system is optimized, which can achieve high combustion efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
  • The design of high-heat aggregate silos increases the temporary storage of hot aggregate and improve production capacity.
  • Automatic control system, simple and efficient to use.

Drum type

For drum mix plant, the heating and drying of aggregate and the mixing of the mixture are carried out continuously in the same drum, so that it can continuously produce asphalt mixture. The asphalt drum plant is suitable for pavement maintenance and small pavement construction projects.

The ALT series asphalt drum mix plant mainly includes cold aggregate supply system, burner, drying drum, dust removal equipment, asphalt supply system, electronic control system, etc.

Drum Type Stationary Asphalt Plant
Drum Mix Asphalt Plant

Technical Parameters:

Type ALT20 ALT40 ALT60 ALT80
Production Capacity(t/h) 20 40 60 80
Total Power(kw) 50 75 123 140
Fuel Consumption(kg/t) 5.5-7.0kg/t(Fuel)
Effect of De-dusting(mg/Nm3) Dust discharge concentration≤50(Bag dust)
Volume of Cold Aggregate Storage(m3) 4.0m3×4
Unloading Height(m) 3
Control Mode Manually, Semi-Auto/ Auto

Features of ALT series drum mix plant:

  • Low energy consumption, high production capacity.
  • Simple structure, stable operation, slow failure rate.
  • Convenient transfer and maintenance, low project investment.
  • The operation is continuous, which can improve the mixing efficiency.
  • PLC control, simple operation.

How to Choose The Right Stationary Asphalt Plant

When buying a stationary asphalt plant, many factors need to be considered, such as the nature of the project, project requirements, procurement budget, asphalt plant capacity, model and type, and national regulations. Specifically:

  1. The capacity of the stationary asphalt batching plant should be adapted to your project scale.
  2. Batch type or drum type, which one suits your project quality requirements.
  3. The procurement budget should consider its own project costs.
  4. The size of the entire equipment of the asphalt mixing plant should be suitable for the site area.
  5. The dust-removal effect of the dust-removal device must meet your own local environmental requirements.
  6. The fuel used by the burner should consider its own energy accessibility and cost budget.

How to choose between batch type and drum type asphalt plant:

  1.  If the project is large in scale and high in grade, you should choose a batch type plant. The batch type asphalt plant has large production capacity, suitable for large and medium-sized projects. The quality of the finished product produced is high, suitable for paving high-grade roads such as highways.
  2. The project is small in scale, low in grade, and does not have high quality requirements, the drum mix plant is a cost-effective choice. The production capacity of the continuous asphalt mixing plant is relatively small, which is suitable for small projects. Due to the lack of accurate measurement, no powder added, the quality of the finished product is relatively low, which is suitable for paving low-grade roads.


1. What fuel does the burner use?

There are three types of fuel for the burner: coal, gas and oil. In general, you need to consider the fuel supply from the aspects of convenience and cost. Which kind of fuel is more convenient to obtain? Which kind of fuel is cheaper or more cost-effective to use?

2. How to dispose of waste powder?

When waste powder is directly discharged from the outer discharge port of the dust collector, it is easy to pollute the surrounding environment. The recycling of waste powder is not only beneficial to environmental protection, but also effective to save resources. The use of energy-saving asphalt plant can centrally store waste powder, humidify and mix it, and finally discharge it into a special dust collection room.

3. How to configure the dust collector?

Generally, the drum type asphalt plant uses cyclone dust collectors, and the larger capacity (more than 40tph) uses water dust collectors, which has limited environmental protection effects. You can ask the manufacturer to configure an advanced bag filter, or choose a batch type plant. The batch type asphalt plant is equipped with a volute dust collector and a bag dust collector, which can better deal with the problem of dust pollution.

4. How to choose the asphalt supply system?

Aimix asphalt production plant uses asphalt tank, which is energy-saving and efficient. It has two methods: direct heating and thermal oil heating. The continuous heating and insulation can ensure that the asphalt is in a liquid state, and the temperature is controllable.

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