Semi Automatic Brick Machine

If you are looking for a cost-effective brick making machine, semi automatic brick machine can be a perfect match. The machine is designed and manufactured with superior quality components and advanced technology to ensure durability and optimum performance. With semi-automatic control, the machine is very easy to use. We bring forth a range of semi auto brick machine to suit different requirements of our clients, such as stationary brick machine, mobile brick machine, concrete brick machine, fly ash brick machine, solid brick machine and hollow brick machine.

Semi-automatic Brick Plant
Semi-automatic Brick Making Plant

Semi Auto Brick Machine Specifications


  • Overall Dimension: 4800*1600*2600mm
  • Rated pressure: 15MPa
  • Main vibration form: Platform vibration
  • Vibration frequency: 50-70HZ
  • Pallet size: 850*550mm
  • Molding cycle: 25(s)
  • Main Motors Power: 20.6KW
Semi Automatic Brick Making Machine
ABM-4SE Semi Automatic Brick Machine
Brick Size(L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Cycle molding Pcs/Hr
hollow bricks 390*190*190 4 24-26s 580
solid blocks 240*115*90 9 22-25s 1400
perforated bricks 240*115*53 21 22-25s 3300

Features of Semi Automatic Brick Machine

  1. Semi-automatic control provides easy operation, and also requires low investment cost.
  2. Both stationary and mobile type are designed to suit different working conditions of our clients.
  3. With highly efficient moulding system that comprises compulsory feeding of raw materials, table vibrating and hydraulic compression shaping, the end products are of unique quality and better forming.
  4. Interchangeable moulds allow you to produce bricks of different types, sizes and shapes, such as solid blocks, hollow blocks, interlocking blocks, paving blocks and porous blocks.
  5. Coating material mix device enables you to produce blocks of a certain color.
Semi Automatic Block Making Machine
ABM-3A Semi Automatic Block Machine

Advantages of AIMIX Brick Machine

  1. Automatic control, easy operation
  2. Controlled dimensions, smooth and fine finish
  3. Producing bricks in different colors using pigments
  4. Cost effective, energy efficient
  5. Environmental friendly as producing burning-free bricks
  6. Better shaping using hydraulic pressure cylinder

Semi Automatic Brick Making Plant

To meet the needs of different end users, we have designed and manufactured a range of brick production line from small-scale production to massive production. Our brick machine is designed with flexibility of changing brick size and shape by changing mould set.

Semi Automatic Brick Plant for Sale
Semi Automatic Brick Plant

Details of automatic brick manufacturing plant:

1. Brick making plant capacity

2. Raw material for making bricks

Bricks can be made of cement, fly ash, sand, stone dust, slag, lime, etc. These ingredients can be delivered in the required proportions to achieve the desired strength level.

3. Production process

  • Raw material preparation: raw material is delivered in the required proportions and perfectly mixed in the concrete mixer to give consistency in product quality.
  • Coating material preparation: coating material is mixed in the pan mixer to produce colored bricks.
  • Pallet preparation: pallets are fed into the block machine to store the freshly molded bricks.
  • Brick production: with hydraulic pressure cylinder, mould head comes down to the mould cavity and the lower mould is high frequency vibrated to provide sufficient pressure for the compaction and forming of the high quality bricks.
  • Stacking: the finished bricks are stored on pallets, which are then stacked by a stacker.
  • Curing: end products are delivered to the curing site where they are cured by water spray. The curing process generally takes 5 to 7 days during which the bricks are sprayed with water every other day.

4. End products

Solid blocks, hollow blocks, porous blocks, paving blocks, interlocking blocks, etc.


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5. Manpower requirement for brick production plant

At least 6-7 people are required for brick making line, including 1 loader driver, 1 mixer operator, 1 operator for pallet feeder, 1 brick machine operator,1 forklift driver and 1 or 2 coordinators. Or it depends on your site conditions.

6. Land requirement

Generally 2000-8000m³. It depends on your production scale.

7. Scope of supply for semi-automatic block making plant

  • Wheel loader: for feeding raw material to the batching equipment
  • Cement silo: 50-100T, for storing cement and fly ash
  • Screw conveyor: for transferring cement to the weighing hopper
  • Batching machine: PLD800, PLD1200, PLD1600, for storing and weighing raw material
  • Cement weighing hopper
  • Water weighing system
  • Concrete mixer: JS twin-shaft mixer for thoroughly mixing raw material (ABM-3S is equipped with a pan mixer)
  • Belt conveyor: for transferring raw material to the brick machine
  • Pan mixer: for mixing coating material to produce bricks of different colors
  • Pallet feeder: for feeding pallets to the brick machine in order to save manpower
  • Brick machine: producing as many as 15 blocks each time
  • Stacker: for piling up the finished bricks on pallets

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