Portable Asphalt Plant

Portable asphalt plant is a cost-effective choice for road maintenance and mountain road construction. With portable unit, the plant can be transferred with the construction site easily. We design and manufacture superior quality asphalt plants, available in a variety of designs and configurations to meet different project requirements.

Types Of Portable Asphalt Plant For Sale

The common asphalt plants fall in two main types: batch type and drum type.

Batch Type Portable Asphalt Plant For Sale
Batch Type Portable Asphalt Plant
  • Portable asphalt batch plant

Batch type portable asphalt mixing plant produces the asphalt mixtures in batches with a short interval between batches, which guarantees a high level of flexibility in production and high quality of the end product.

Models: ALYQ40, ALYQ60, ALYQ80, ALYQ120, ALYQ160

Drum Type Portable Asphalt Plant Supplier
Drum Type Portable Asphalt Plant
  • Portable asphalt drum plant

Drum type portable asphalt plant, also called continuous asphalt mixing plant, can continuously produce asphalt mixtures without interruption. The plant does not contain mixing unit, and the drying and mixing of all the materials takes place inside the drum dryer, thus the system is much more simplified. Drum mix plant comes in demand when low operating costs and continual production are required.

Models: ALYT20, ALYT40, ALYT60, ALYT80

Applications Of Portable Asphalt Plants

  • Portable plants are flexible and economical, ideal for small to medium projects that require frequent relocation.
  • You can choose a portable plant if the road is long and narrow, or if you need to change the position of the plant multiple times in a short time.
  • For small pit repairs on old roads, a small portable asphalt plant is sufficient for the job.
  • If the project is in a hilly area and the installation space of the mixing plant is limited, a small-capacity mobile asphalt plant is a great choice.

Batch Type vs. Drum Type, What Are The Differences?

Batch type and drum mix plants differ in several aspects:

  • Working principle

Batch type asphalt plant: The cold aggregate enters into a suitable batching hopper according to the particle size, which then is transferred to a vibrating screen by conveyor belt. The cold aggregate with a particle size greater than 4cm is filtered out, and others are sent to the drying drum by the inclined belt conveyor. After drying and heating, these hot aggregates enter the elevator from the burner, by which the aggregates are transferred to the vibrating screen. Depending on the size of the sieve holes, the hot aggregates are screened into different hot silos. After accurate weighing, the hot aggregates in different hot silos go down to the mixing unit in batches according to the preset ratio. At the same time, the powder falls from the screw conveyor, and the heated liquid asphalt is sprayed by the nozzle. After thorough mixing, the hot asphalt mix is produced in batches.

Drum mix plant: the drying drum integrates the functions of drying, heating and mixing. The cold aggregate enters the continuously rotating drum from the batching machine, and is dried and heated. The asphalt nozzle in the drum sprays the asphalt continuously. All the materials are bonded, and then stirred with the rotation of the drum. This series of actions is continuously performed in the drying drum.

  • Components

Batch type asphalt plant: it contains a mixing unit; the asphalt must be accurately measured by the asphalt metering device before sprayed into the mixing unit; the plant has an accurate metering system, which can monitor the bitumen-aggregate ratio in real time and change the ratio at any time; it has both primary and secondary dust removal systems, which is more environmentally friendly; through the additive system, the plant can add additives to the mixed components in order to meet different road paving requirements.

Drum type asphalt plant: it does not have an accurate metering system; it does not have a mixing unit; the asphalt supply cannot be metered, but the asphalt pump can be driven by a motor with an inverter to control the amount of asphalt added during mixing.

  • Finished product

Batch type: the quality of the finished product is high, thus it is suitable for paving high-grade roads, such as highways.

Drum type: due to the lack of accurate measurement, no powder is added, and the bitumen-aggregate ratio cannot be changed accurately, the finished product is of low-quality, which is suitable for low-grade road construction in towns and other areas.

Portable Asphalt Plant In Uruguay

Portable Asphalt Drum Plant in Uruguay
Portable Asphalt Drum Plant in Uruguay
Drum Mix Plant For Sale
Drum Mix Plant
Portable Asphalt Drum Mix Plant For Sale
Portable Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

How to Select The Right Plant For Your Project?

There are many factors to consider in the selection of an asphalt plant, including your project requirements, procurement budget, the plant capacity, model and type, etc.

  • The capacity of the plant must be suitable for the scale of the project.
  • Batch type and drum type, which one suits the quality requirements of the project?
  • The purchase budget must take into account the costs of the project.
  • The size of the entire plant should accommodate the site area.
  • The dust removal effect of the dust removal system should meet the local environmental protection requirements.
  • The fuel used by the burner should take into account the availability of energy and costs.

Tell Us What You Need

Please let us know your requirements in detail so that we can help you select a proper plant for your project. Information required for quotation are as follows:

  • Output capacity
  • Type of plant you need: batch type or drum type?
  • Raw material
  • Fuel: coal, oil or natural gas?
  • Dust removal method you require
  • Whether to add mineral powder?
  • Is it for high or low-grade road construction?

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