Mobile Brick Making Machine

Mobile brick making machine, also known as egg laying brick machine, is a unique machine to produce large-sized blocks for construction, such as concrete blocks, cement blocks, fly ash blocks and sand blocks. With high mobility and automation, it makes the brick production easy and efficient. The brick machine is also eco-friendly as it is engineered to produce burning-free blocks. What’s more, the equipment can minimize the need for pallets as compared to a stationary one. The bricks manufactured by this machine feature high quality and high compressive strength, so the mobile type brick machine is a popular option for bricks producers.

Mobile Brick Machine
Mobile Brick Making Machine

Standard Features of Mobile Block Machine

  • Wheel mounted
  • Hydraulically operated
  • Fully automatic or semi-automatic control
  • Interchangeable moulds
  • Table vibration or mould vibration

Popular Models of Mobile Brick Making Machine From Aimix

We supply a range of mobile block making machines to suit varied needs of customers. The machine comes in two main types in terms of vibration, including table vibration and mould vibration. The popular models include ABM-4M1, ABM-4M2, ABM-4M3, ABM-6MS, ABM-10MS and ABM-12MS.

Mobile Bricks Machine
ABM-4M1 Mobile Brick Machine
Dimension of host machine 1800*1400*1100
Vibration force 35.5kn
Mould period 30s
Pallet size No need pallet
Power of host machine 5.2kw
Total weight 800kg
Voltage 220V/380V(adjusted)
Capacity 3000-4000pcs/8h

In terms of control mode, there are fully automatic control and semi-automatic control for you to choose from. With PLC microcomputer control, the fully automatic mobile brick making machine guarantees a highly efficient operation. Semi-automatic brick machine is less expensive and automatically controlled to a certain extent, but each step needs to be done by pressing a button.

Movable Brick Making Machine
ABM-4M2 Movable Brick Machine
Dimension of machine 1350*1300*1650mm
Voltage 220v/380v(adjusted)
Total Power 3.75kw
Capacity 2000-3000 pcs/8h
Vibration force 30KN
Total weight 1000kg

Advantages of Mobile Brick Making Machine

High mobility

The movable brick making machine is mounted on wheels for easy operation and convenient transportation.

Mass production

Our mobile brick making machine is ideal for economical mass production of blocks with less power consumption.

Low investment

The mobile brick manufacturing machine minimizes the use of pallets, so it can save a lot of costs.

Mobile Block Making Machine
ABM-4M3 Mobile Block Machine
Overall size 850×760×1100MM
Shaping cycle 40seconds
Power 1.5 KW
Pressure 16Mpa
Total weight 400 KGS
Capacity 1000-2000pcs/h

High degree of automation

The equipment is automatically controlled by PLC control system, which is very easy to use. The latest technology and standard design guarantee decades of efficient operation.

Long service life

Our machine is made of high quality materials, which is very reliable and durable.

Mobile Brick Making Machine Price
ABM-6MS Mobile Brick Making Machine
Size(L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Pcs/Hr Pcs/8Hr
400*100*200 9 1080 8640
400*150*200 7 840 6720
400*200*200 6 720 5760
400*250*200 4 480 3840
Mobile Block Moulding Machine
ABM-10MS Mobile Block Moulding Machine
Size(L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Pcs/Hr Pcs/8Hr
400*100*200 16 3840 30720
400*150*200 12 2880 23040
400*200*200 10 2400 19200
400*250*200 6 1440 11520

Mobile Brick Making Machine Production

This type of machine can directly lay freshly molded bricks on the concrete floor in lines, so it saves a lot of investment on pallets. For this reason, it also requires a larger space for brick manufacturing. The machine is mainly used in the production of large-sized solid blocks and hollow blocks, of which the height is more than 9 cm.

Mobile type brick making machine is an economical option for mass production of quality blocks with less labor and high efficiency. Different moulds can be easily replaced to produce bricks of varied specifications and shapes. Our machine is designed to be hydraulically operated for better molding effect.  

Raw material for bricks making

Cement, fly ash, sand, slag, coal gangue, gravel, construction waste, etc.

End products

Solid blocks, hollow blocks, interlocking blocks, paving blocks, etc.

Major equipment used in mobile brick machine production line

Combining the uses of several ancillary equipment and units, the mobile bricks making machine forms a productive block production line.

  • Mixing system: cement silo, batching machine, concrete mixer, screw conveyor, water and cement weighing hoppers and control system. This unit is designed to produce an even mixture of raw materials, which will greatly affect the quality of finished bricks.
  • Pan mixer: it is used to thoroughly mix coating material to produce colored bricks.

The equipment used in the production line is determined by customer requirements. For more information on brick making plant machine, contact us now.

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How Does A Mobile Brick Making Machine Work?

  1. Raw materials including cement, slag, sand and stone batched in the right proportions are transferred to the concrete mixer to produce an even concrete mix.
  2. The thoroughly mixed materials are transferred to the brick machine by the belt conveyor.
  3. The material is pressed into mould cavities. The compaction is implement by a hydraulic pressure cylinder.
  4. The brick machine directly lays freshly molded blocks onto the concrete floor for curing.

How to Select The Right Machine for The job

There are a few things you need to consider in the selection of a brick machine, including but not limited to:

  • Your required production capacity
  • Brick type (hollow, porous, solid, interlocking, etc.)
  • Brick size
  • Ancillary equipment that you may need
  • Other requirements

You can discus your project specifications with one of our experts who can help you identify the right equipment for your job.

Why Us?

With a wealth of experience in the design and supply of brick making machines, we are able to provide a complete solution for our customers with high quality and optimum performance. Our machines are made of superior quality materials to ensure highest reliability and durability, as well as longer life. Each machine is competitively priced so that it is affordable for most users.

To help the bricks producers be up and run quickly, we also provide a comprehensive after-sales service, including the equipment installation, commissioning, staff training and instruction, free technical advice and spare parts service. In a word, AIMIX can be a reliable and trusted partner supplying various kinds of construction machinery.

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