Limestone Crushing Plant

Limestone crushing plant is an important part of quick lime production line and cement production line. It is widely used in cement, metallurgy, sand and aggregate industry. We provide customers with process flow plan and technical support, and design a suitable crushing plant and equipment according to the actual production requirements so as to maximize their productivity and return on investment.

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Limestone Crushing Plant
Stone Crushing And Screening Plant
Crushing And Screening Plant

Limestone Crushing Plant Configuration

A limestone crushing line can be configured by combining many different machines. According to the characteristics of limestone, combined with output and discharge size requirements of customers, we will design the most economical and most productive limestone crushing production line.

Raw material: medium hard and soft rocks such as limestone, dolomite, marl, tuff rock, sandstone and clinker

Crusher: jaw crusher and hammer crusher are great choices for crushing limestone. One or more crushers can be configured in a crushing line depending on your requirements.

Jaw Crusher For Sale
Jaw Crusher
Impact Crusher Machine
Impact Crusher

Screen: the finished products can be screened out with different specifications. The circular vibrating screen is a commonly used screener.

Vibrating feeder: it is used to feed limestone into the crushing machine. The feeder can realize automatic feeding, thus saving labor costs.

Belt conveyor: it is used for the conveyance of materials. The specific configuration of belt conveyors in a limestone crushing line depends on the working conditions and production requirements.

Matters needing attention in the configuration of crusher plant:

  1. For larger production capacity (more than 250t/h), a transfer pile should be placed between the coarse crushing and the secondary crushing so that the secondary crusher can run at full load and improve work efficiency, and also it can maintain normal production during machine maintenance and overhaul periods.
  2. The screen has several layers, which can screen and classify stones with several different parameters. If necessary, multiple screens can be set to meet the production requirements.

Advantages of Limestone Production Line

  • High productivity, large crushing ratio
  • Strong adaptability, especially suitable for medium-hard and brittle materials
  • Low power consumption, environmental protection
  • Cost-saving, simple operation
  • Simplified production process
  • Quick installation

Limestone Crushing Process

The mined limestone needs to go through several procedures, including coarse crushing, medium crushing and shaping, screening, finished stones.

Coarse crushing: vibration feeder feeds limestone into heavy hammer crusher for primary crushing.

Medium crushing and shaping: the crushed material is transported to the impact crusher for secondary crushing, which is then screened and classified by a vibrating screen. Larger-sized stones should return to impact crusher for re-crushing. If you need finer products or better shaping, the crushed materials can be sent to sand making machine for further crushing and shaping.

Screening: under the screening and classification of the vibrating screen, the crushed materials are divided into several stone products with different parameters according to the particle size.

Information Required For Quotation

In order to help you design the right stone crushing plant, please provide the following basic information:

  • The property of ore, including type, hardness, density
  • Output capacity you require
  • Maximum particle size of raw materials
  • Particle size of the finished product
  • Mud, sand and water content
  • The use of the finished product

Additional requirements:

  • Electricity situation at your working area
  • The highest and lowest ambient temperature
  • Environmental protection requirements
  • Geological conditions at your working area
  • Stationary or mobile plant

Please provide the above information as much as possible, which is very important for the proposal. You can either fill out the contact form or email your inquiry. We will get back to you soon after receiving your inquiry.  

Limestone Crushing Plant Manufacturer

As a trusted crushing plant manufacturer, Aimix focuses on the needs of each customer, designing the most suitable and productive solution and the production process to maximize productivity and return on investment. We manufacture superior quality machines, providing you with reliable performance and long service life. We also offer a wide range of after-sales service, including:

  • Installation and commissioning of the plant. We will send well-experienced engineers to the job site to guide you through the installation and commissioning of the crushing plant.
  • Staff training. We offer staff training service to make sure your staff operate the plant properly.
  • 12-month warranty
  • Spare parts service
  • 24/7 service

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