Interlocking Brick Machine

We provide interlocking brick machine of different types and sizes to suit your project requirements. Without firing process like traditional brick manufacturing, this type of brick machine is increasingly popular due to environmental protection. In addition to interlocking bricks, the same machine can make other types of bricks by employing interchangeable moulds. This new style of brick and block machine is very efficient to produce bricks and also easy to operate. Less investment and eco-friendly features make it better preferred to brick producers.


Capacity According to your requirements
Brick type Interlocking blocks
Molding mechanism Hydraulic pressure
Vibration Table vibration
Automation grade Fully automatic or semi-automatic
Condition New

Highlights of Interlocking Brick Machine

  • High production efficiency
  • Compaction performance
  • Robust construction
  • High versatility
  • Long service life
  • Good vibration efficiency
  • Full sealing for environmental protection
  • Low noise
Interlocking Brick Making Machine
ABM-4S Interlocking Brick Machine
BrickSize(L*W*H)Pcs/Mould Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
paving blocks200*100*601618-23s2504-3200
interlocking bricks200*160*601018-23s1565-2000
solid blocks 240*115*53 2815-17s5930-6720
hollow bricks390*190*190415-20s720-960
Interlocking Brick Maker Price
ABM-6S Interlocking Brick Maker
BrickSize(L*W*H)Pcs/Mould Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
paving blocks200*100*602118-23s3287-4200
interlocking bricks200*160*601218-23s1878-2400
solid blocks 240*115*53 3215-17s6500-7800
hollow bricks390*190*190620-25s864-1080
Interlocking Blocks Machine
ABM-8S Interlocking Block Machine
BrickSize(L*W*H)Pcs/Mould Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
paving blocks200*100*602818-23s4382-5600
interlocking bricks200*160*602018-23s3130-4000
solid blocks240*115*53 4215-17s9000-10000
hollow bricks390*190*190820-25s1150-1440

Two Main Types of Interlocking Brick Maker for Your Project

Our brick making machine can be categories into stationary and mobile type according to the way it is installed.

Stationary interlocking block machine is designed for small to large-scale brick production. It is available with a range of production capacities and sizes to suit varied needs of clients. The machine is usually installed on the concrete floor. With hydraulic system, it provides compaction performance. In addition, pallets are needed to store the freshly molded bricks.

Hydraulic Interlocking Bricks Machine
ABM-10S Hydraulic Interlocking Bricks Machine
BrickSize(L*W*H)Pcs/Mould Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
paving blocks200*100*603118-23s4852-6200
interlocking bricks200*160*602118-23s3287-4200
solid blocks240*115*53 5215-17s11011-12480
hollow bricks390*190*1901020-25s1440-1800

Mobile interlocking bricks machine or egg laying brick machine, is very flexible and convenient for brick production. The machine is ideal to manufacture large-sized bricks with occupying a larger floor space during production. Since it directly lays the bricks on the concrete floor, it eliminates the need for pallets, thus reducing your investment cost.

Which type of interlocking brick press machine do you need? If no clear type is decided, you can talk to one of our professionals who will propose the most suitable and economical solution for your project.

Interlocking Brick Machine for Sale
ABM-12S Interlocking Brick Making Machine
BrickSize(L*W*H)Pcs/Mould Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
paving blocks200*100*603818-23s5948-7600
interlocking bricks200*160*602518-23s3913-5000
solid blocks240*115*53 6215-17s12700-14400
hollow bricks390*190*1901220-25s1728-2160

Major Equipment For Interlocking Brick Production Line

In addition to brick block machine, there are a range of auxiliary equipment to form a productive brick making plant, including:

  • Cement silo: 50T to 100T silos are commonly used in brick production line to store cement and fly ash. There are bolted and welded type for you to choose from. Generally, bolted silo is more often used due to convenient transportation.
  • Screw conveyor: it transfers cement to the weighing hopper.
  • Batching machine: it is used for batching and weighing raw materials in the required proportions.
  • Belt conveyor: it transfers the material to the hydraulic block machine.
  • Concrete mixer: twin-shaft compulsory mixer is employed to produce high quality concrete mix, which is essential to the quality of the end products.
  • Pan mixer: it is used to produce an even mixture of coating material in order to make colored bricks.
  • Pallet feeder: it is more often used in medium to large brick making plants to save manpower.
  • Stacker: it is used to stack bricks on pallets so as to save floor space. It can handle single pallet or double pallets each time.

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How to Make Interlocking Bricks

Interlocking bricks manufacturing process consists of several procedures, including:

  1. Raw material preparation: the bricks are usually made of cement, sand, stone dust, slag and so on. These materials are first batched and weighed in the required proportions and then mixed in the concrete mixer to produce an even concrete mix.
  2. Coating material preparation: coating material is transferred to the pan mixer by the belt conveyor. This process is intended to produce a uniform coating material mix in order to make colored blocks.
  3. Pallet preparation: for medium to large brick manufacturing plant, a pallet feeder will be needed to feed pallets to the brick machine so as to save manpower and improve your production efficiency.  
  4. Block making: with mould head coming down to the mould cavity and lower mould high frequency vibrating, raw materials are compacted and molded in the machine. Hydraulic interlocking brick machine offers high compressive strength and better forming.
  5. Curing: the finished bricks on pallets will be transported to the curing site where they are cured by water spray.

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