Concrete Pump Types

Concrete pump is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along pipelines. It is mainly used in housing construction, bridge and tunnel construction. The concrete pumps we provide are mainly S valve concrete pump machines. Large-scale concrete conveying equipment is used for concrete conveying of large-scale concrete projects such as high-rise buildings, highways, … Read more

Asphalt Batch Plant vs. Drum Plant

Asphalt plant can heat cold aggregates such as sand and stone and mix them with liquid asphalt and additives to produce asphalt for laying asphalt roads. There are two types of common asphalt mixing plants: batch type and drum type. Batch type asphalt plant produces asphalt mixtures in batches, and there is a short interval … Read more

Types of Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete batching plant is a complete set of equipment for producing concrete mixture, which is widely used in civil engineering. In the concrete plant, all the ingredients including cement and fly ash, water, sand, stone, and additives are loaded, transferred, batched, weighed, mixed, and discharged according to the preset mixing ratio, producing concrete that meets … Read more

How Does A Concrete Batch Plant Work

Concrete batching plant is mainly composed of five systems, including the mixing system, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system and control system, and other auxiliary facilities. It uses cement as a cementing material, mixing raw materials such as sand, lime, coal slag, etc. to produce concrete mixture. Mixing system: the mixer machine … Read more

How Does A Concrete Pump Work?

Concrete pump is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along pipelines, mainly used in house construction, bridge and tunnel construction, etc. We mainly provide S-valve concrete pumping equipment, and concrete boom pump truck. Composition of Concrete Pump Pumping mechanism: The pumping mechanism of a concrete pump consists of two main oil cylinders, … Read more

Asphalt Plant Process

There are two types of asphalt plants: batch type and drum type, each with different components, production processes and applications. Batch type asphalt plant can produce high quality asphalt mixtures in batches, which is suitable for paving high-grade roads, such as highways. The capacity of the batch plant is large, ideal for large and medium-sized … Read more

Concrete Batching Plant in Bangladesh

Aimix concrete batching plant is engineered for construction projects as well as commercial purpose. With high degree of mechanization and automation, high productivity, and environmental protection, our concrete plants are popular in large and medium-sized water conservancy, power, bridge and other projects with large engineering volume, long construction periods, and concentrated construction sites, and can … Read more