How Does A Concrete Pump Work?

Concrete pump is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along pipelines, mainly used in house construction, bridge and tunnel construction, etc. We mainly provide S-valve concrete pumping equipment, and concrete boom pump truck.

Concrete Mixer Pump Design
Concrete Mixer Pump

Composition of Concrete Pump

Pumping mechanism:

The pumping mechanism of a concrete pump consists of two main oil cylinders, water tank, reversing device, two concrete cylinders, two concrete pistons, hopper, S valve, swing arm, two swing oil cylinders, and the discharge port.

Power and hydraulic systems:

Power and hydraulic systems include motor or diesel engine, hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic pump (main oil pump, cooling oil pump, mixing oil pump), piping system, reversing valve block, hydraulic cylinder & hydraulic motor, cooling system, accumulator, etc.

Electronic control system:

Electronic control system is the brain of the entire concrete pump, which issues instructions.

Lubrication system:

Through the automatic lubricating oil pump, the lubricating oil is delivered to various moving parts, especially the bearing parts.

Concrete pipeline:

Straight pipe 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m.

Elbow 90 degrees, 45 degrees.

High pressure hose 3m.

Pump frame, support, and towing structure:

One-piece frame, legs, trailer frame, support guide wheel, axles and tires.

Working Principle of Concrete Pump

The high-pressure oil output by the main oil pump is distributed into the main oil cylinder through the sequence valve, so that the piston rod of the main oil cylinder is pushed back and forth, making the piston of the concrete cylinder move, so the concrete is sucked in or out of the concrete cylinder.

At the same time, the swinging cylinder drives the swinging arm under the push of high-pressure oil, so as to drive the S valve to switch back and forth between the two concrete cylinder outlets.

Through the continuous reciprocating movement of the concrete cylinder and the back-and-forth switching of the S valve, the continuous suction and extrusion pressure of the concrete can be achieved, thereby achieving the entire pumping process.

If the pipe of the concrete pump is stuck by stones during use, you can use the reverse pump function, keep pressing the reverse pump and the positive pump until it returns to normal.

Aimix Concrete Pump Models

Aimix group hot selling concrete pump models mainly include concrete mixer pump ABJZ30D, ABJZ30C, ABJZ40D, ABJZ40C, concrete trailer pump ABT60D, ABT80D, ABT90D, ABT60C, ABT80C, ABT90C. Our concrete pump products are of good quality, high reliability, low failure rate and competitive price. The concrete pumps have been exported to many countries and regions around the world, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, Pakistan, etc. To learn more about our concrete pump equipment, contact us today.

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