Dry Mix Mortar Production Line

The manufacturing of dry mortar is carried out in dry mix mortar production line that comprises several individual facilities for clean, efficient and waste-less production. The plant is designed to be versatile, compact and easy to install. By adding different additives and admixtures, you can improve technical performance of the mortar. The production process is automatically controlled for reduced manpower and increased operational efficiency. If you are looking for a quality and cost-effective dry mix mortar plant, you can trust in AIMIX as a reliable partner.

Dry Mix Mortar Manufacturing Plant Details

Dry Mix Mortar Production Line
Dry Mortar Production Line
  • Capacity: 5t/h to 100t/h
  • Popular models: AF-10 (10t/h), AF-20, AF30, AFL-40 (tower type), AFJ-40 (step type), AFL-60, AFJ-60, etc.
  • Layout: step type or tower type
  • Automatic grade: semi-automatic or fully automatic
  • Raw material: cement, fly ash, sand, additive, etc.
  • End products: common and special mortar such as masonry mortar, tile adhesive, wall putty, external plaster, brick joining mortar, water proof mortar, etc.
  • Packing: in bag or in bulk

Types of Dry Mix Mortar Production Line

1. Tower type mixing plant

This type of dry mortar production line equipment is arranged from top to bottom according to the production process. The batches and the mixer are installed inside the building with raw material silos standing on their own legs beside the building. The plant is the mainstream for manufacturing dry mix mortar, more often found in medium to large scale production.

Unique features of tower type mortar plant:

  • Vertical layout 
  • Compact structure
  • Energy-efficient
  • Small occupying area
  • Little cross-contamination of raw materials
  • Waste-less production
  • Closed production system for environmental protection
Dry Mix Mortar Plant Manufacturer
Dry Mix Mortar Plant

2. Step type mortar production line

The plant is suitable for manufacturing common mortar with capacity of 5t/h to 60t/h. It is preferred when your installation height is limited.

Features of step type dry mortar production line:

  • Raw material storage bin is installed on the ground instead of on the top of the mixer.
  • It covers a large area.
  • It has high output and high efficiency.
  • Automatic and manual control make it easy for you to control the production process.

Dry Mix Mortar Production Line Specifications

Model AF-05 AF-10 AF-15 AF-20 AF-30
Production Capacity (T/H ) 5 10 15 20 30
Control System Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto
Model AF-40 AF-50 AF-60 AF-80 AF-100
Production Capacity (T/H ) 40 50 60 80 100

Control System Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto

Equipment for Dry Mix Mortar Production

1. Drying system

  • Three drum dryer: to reduce the moisture content of sand, high drying efficiency, low energy consumption
  • Bucket elevator: to transfer sand and fine aggregate to silo

2. Storage silos for the individual components:

  • Sand storage silo: to store sand and fine aggregate
  • Cement silo: bolted type for easy transportation
  • Additive storage silo: to store additive
Three Drum Dryer for Sale
Three Drum Dryer
Bucket Elevator
Bucket Elevator
Cement Silo
Cement Silo

3. Automatic weighing system

  • Screw conveyor: to conveyor cement, fly ash and additive to weighing hoppers
  • Automatic weighing bin: mainly composed of hopper, hopper stents, high precision sensor and transmission tubes.

4. Mixing system

  • Dry mortar mixer: two types of mixers are commonly used in dry mortar plant, including twin shaft propeller mixer and coulter blade mixer. The former is ideal for the production of common mortar with features of high precision, fast speed, low energy consumption and sealable operation. The latter can mix more thoroughly, especially for some trace additives, so it can be employed to produce special mortar.
  • Pulse dust collector: it ensures a clean production.
Coulter Blade Mixer
Coulter Blade Mixer
Twin Shaft Propeller Mixer
Twin Shaft Propeller Mixer
Dust Collector
Dust Collector

5. Packing system

  • Automatic valve packing machine: automatic bag pushing and dropping type to pack dry mortar mix in bags

6. Control system

  • Semi-automatic control: it allows you to control the plant by pushing buttons.
  • Fully automatic control: PLC control unit for easy and efficient operation. Main electrical components are sourced from reputable suppliers like Schneider.

Technical Features of Dry Mix Mortar Production Line

  1. It can produce all kinds of mortars for your application, including masonry mortar, plastering mortar, tile adhesive, wall putty, grouts, waterproof mortar and repair mortar.
  2. Equipped with three drum sand dryer: energy-efficient, high drying efficiency
  3. Weighing system: materials are batched according to your formulation with high accuracy.
  4. Mixing system: twin-shaft mixer or plough mixer for improved efficiency and high quality of dry mortar mix
  5. Dust collector: pulse dust collect for clean production and environmental protection
  6. Control system: semi-automatic control or fully automatic control system is built with high quality electrical components for easy operation and longer life.
  7. Packing system: automatic valve packing machine offers quick and easy packing of end products.
Dry Mortar Plant Production Process
Dry Mortar Plant Production Process

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