Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant

Dry mix concrete batching plant is a special concrete plant mainly used for projects with low requirements on concrete quality and remote sites. This batching plant is not equipped with a central mixer, so the concrete is mixed by a tank truck during transportation. When the dry batching plant is working, each system sends the weighed aggregates, cement, fly ash, etc. into the storage hopper, and then loads the materials into the transportation tank truck through the storage hopper. Meanwhile, water and other additives are weighed and discharged into the mixer truck. These ingredients are then mixed for a minimum of 70 to 100 revolutions during transportation to the jobsite.

Features And Advantages of Dry Mix Concrete Plant

Due to the special working mode, dry batch concrete plant is more suitable for providing concrete to remote sites. The mixing process takes place in the mixer truck to save the construction period, and can also slow down the initial setting time of the pre-mixed concrete. When transporting for a long distance, it can guarantee the quality of the concrete. This dry mix concrete batch plant is only suitable for projects with small engineering volume and low quality requirements for the concrete.

  • No need for concrete mixer, low investment and high return
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Computer control. The whole production process can be displayed on the screen intuitively.
  • Precise batching system
  • Belt conveying system, continuous and efficient
Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant For Sale
Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant

Differences Between Dry Mix And Wet Mix Concrete Batching Plant

Depending on whether a central mixer is used, the concrete plant can be divided into dry mix plant and wet mix plant.

Dry mix concrete plant weighs sand, gravel and cement via digital or manual scales. All the ingredients then are discharged into the chute, which is discharged into the tank body of the mixer truck. At the same time, the weight or volume of the water is measured and discharged into the mixer truck through the same charging chute. Then all materials are mixed for at least 70 to 100 revolutions during transportation to the construction site.

Dry Mix Concrete Plant Price
Dry Mix Concrete Plant

Wet mix concrete batching plant, however, combines some or all of the above ingredients including water into a concrete mixer. After mixing, the concrete is discharged into a mixer truck to transport to the construction site. It should be noted that during transportation, the mixer truck should rotate at an appropriate speed to prevent the concrete from setting.

In short, the difference between dry and wet concrete mixing plants is that the wet mix plant contains a central mixer, which can produce a more consistent mixture in a shorter time. Dry mix plant usually sees more standard deviations in breaking strength and load changes due to inconsistency in mixing time, truck bucket, drum conditions, traffic conditions, etc.

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