Crushing Plant

We manufacture crushing plant and equipment with a range of sizes and configurations for efficient crushing and screening of rock, ore and construction waste. Crushing plants can be stationary or mobile to suit individual requirements. AIMIX group is committed to providing tailor-made plant to your specific needs. From the early stage of crusher plant design to engineering and after-sales service, we are always at your side to achieve your goals.


Types of Crusher Plant

1. Stationary crushing screening plant

Stationary Crushing & Screening Plant
Stationary Crushing Plant

Stationary crushing plant is suitable for small to large projects with output of 30t/h to 500t/h.

It is the mainstream of stone crushing and screening due to large capacity, reasonable cost, reliable performance and long service life.

The crushing process can be customized to suit your individual job site and job requirements.

2. Mobile crushing and screening plant

Mobile Crushing Plant
Mobile Crushing And Screening Plant

Mobile crushing plant is ideal for small to medium-sized projects or projects that require high mobility since the resources are separated by distance. The machines are mounted on rubber tires for easy transportation.


  • Mobile jaw crusher plant
  • Mobile impact crusher plant
  • Mobile cone crusher plant
  • Multi-combined crusher station

Raw Material for Crushing Line

  • Metal ore: copper ore, lead-zinc ore, iron ore, gold ore, chrome ore, manganese ore, etc.
  • Rock: limestone, gypsum, granite, gravel, quartz, basalt, pebble, fluorite, feldspar, etc.
  • Construction waste: recycled materials from demolished buildings
Raw Material
Raw Material

Typical Process Designs

  1. Vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + impact crusher + vibrating screen + belt conveyor + control system
  2. Vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + fine jaw crusher + vibrating screen + belt conveyor + control system
  3. Vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + cone crusher + vibrating screen + belt conveyor + control system

The main difference in the above processes lies in the secondary crusher. If the particle size of the aggregate is not demanding, many users may prefer fine jaw crusher or cone crusher as a secondary crushing equipment since the wear parts are less worn and the production cost is relatively low. Whereas the impact crusher is ideal for producing high quality aggregates for construction due to its properties of crushing and shaping. The above process planning is only for your reference. The selection and design of the crushing process is determined by your specific production requirements.

Scope of Supply for Stone Crushing Plant

We provide a wide range of strong and robust machines such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen and belt conveyor.

Vibrating feeder

Vibrating Feeder for Sale
Vibrating Feeder

It feeds raw material evenly and continuously to the crusher, and also coarsely screens the material.

The popular models include APGZD-0624, APGZD-0830, APGZD-9538, APGZD-1149 and APGZD-1360.

Jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher Machine
Jaw Crusher

It is used for primary crushing of hard rocks such as granites, basalt, marble and iron ore with a pressure resistance strength of 200Mpa. It features simple structure, reliable performance, high crushing ratio and easy maintenance. We offer APPE and APPEX series to meet different crushing requirements. The former is mainly used for primary crushing, whereas the latter is ideal for fine crushing.  

Cone crusher

Cone Crushers
Symones Cone Crusher vs. Spring Cone Crusher
Hydraulic Cone Crusher
Single Cylinder vs. Multi-cylinder

You can choose from AIMIX wide range of cone crushers including spring cone crusher, Symons cone crusher (APSGB series), single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher (APDP series) and multi-cylinder cone crusher (APXHP series). The equipment is commonly used for secondary crushing of hard rocks, characterized by features of high crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption and uniform particle size.

Impact crusher

Impact Crusher Manufacturer
Impact Crusher

It is widely used for crushing limestone with high output capacity, low power consumption, high crushing ratio and strong adaptability. We offer APPF and APPFV series to meet different job requirements.

VSI crusher

VSI  Impact Crusher
VSI Crusher

Vertical shaft impact crusher, also known as sand making machine, is suitable for making artificial sand for building construction and road construction. The feed particle size is generally less than 40mm. The main models we offer include APVSI-7611, APVSI-8518, APVSI-9526 and APVSI-1140.

Sand washing machine

Sand Washing Machine for Sale
Sand Washing Machine

Sand washing machine is used to wash the artificial sand made by the VSI crusher to make it fit for use. We have bucket wheel type (APXSD series) and spiral type (APLX, AP2LX series) sand washers for you to choose from.

Vibrating screen

Vibrating Screen
Circular Vibrating Screen

Circular vibrating screen is an important part of stone production line to separate material according to its size.

Crushing Plant Design And Layout Considerations

  • Ore properties (size and hardness)

The maximum particle size and hardness of the ore determine the type and model of crusher machines.

  • Ratio of raw material

The proportion of different particle sizes in the raw materials, especially the content of the fine materials is critical for output.

  • Finished product size and its uses

Know your product uses to make sure the final particle size is fit for use.

  • Product quality requirements

If the product quality is demanding, it will require more powerful crusher and more reasonable configuration.

  • Output capacity you require

Other considerations:

  • Safety: the crushing site should be separated from the quarry site by at least 200 meters; there should be a safe space for equipment maintenance and operation; etc.
  • Environmental protection: dust removal facilities; sewage treatment system; hardened ground.
  • Energy saving: using energy-efficient devices; variable frequency control for equipment that needs to adjust the parameters frequently during the production process.

Due to different raw materials and varied requirements for the finished products, the stone crushing plant layout and configuration can vary widely. We provide primary, secondary and tertiary aggregate processing solutions with maximum reliability, durability, suitability and cost effectiveness. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us online.

 AIMIX Group Service

We provide a full range of service to help these producers be up and run smoothly, including:

  • The whole plant design – backed by professional engineers, we are able to design the most appropriate and economical solution for your application.
  • Manufacturing of turnkey plant – all our machines are ruggedly constructed for reliable and durable performance as well as longer life.
  • Comprehensive after-sales service – we offer a perfect after-sales service including the whole plant installation, commissioning, staff training and 12-month warranty to ensure a quick, smooth and safe operation.

To know more about crushing plant, get in touch with us at any time.

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