Cement Silo

Cement silo is a simple piece of equipment used to store bulk materials like cement and fly ash. It is commonly found in concrete plants and used in conjunction with a screw conveyor to deliver cement to the desired location. Based on the specifications of your concrete batching plant, we provide a suitable cement storage silo for your project.

Different Types of Cement Silo for Sale

  • Welded type silo

Welded type is suitable for small concrete plants. It is transported as a whole, so the capacity cannot be very large, typically 50 tons.

Welded Cement Silo Manufacturer
Welded Cement Silo
Welded Type Silo For Sale
Welded Type Silo
  • Bolted cement silo

Bolted type is recommend for medium and large concrete batch plants since it is convenient for transportation. The cement silo capacity can be 50T, 100T, 150T, 200T and more.

The silo can be dismantled into many parts when transporting, and be installed with bolts at site.

Bolted Cement Silo for Sale
Bolted Cement Storage Silo
Large Silo for Sale
Bolted Type Silo
  • Horizontal cement silo

The equipment comes in various styles, including frame type, container type, stackable container type and wheel type. The silo can be custom designed and built to your requirements.

Cement Silo for Concrete Batching Plant

In general, 50 ton and 100 ton silos are found in batching plants with capacity below 50m³/h such as AJ-25, AJ-35 and AJ-50. The larger concrete plants like AJ-60, AJ-75, AJ-90, AJ-120, AJ-180 and AJ-240 are equipped with silos of 100T, 200T or larger.

AJ-35 Concrete Plant for Sale
AJ-35 Concrete Plant
AJ-50 Batching Plant Supplier
AJ-50 Batching Plant

The silo has a small opening with the rounded edge, which is connected to the round mouth of the screw conveyor. Cement silos equipped for batch plants can be very flexible, which are designed according to the needs of customers.

AJ-60 Ready Mix Concrete Plant for Sale
AJ-60 Ready Mix Concrete Plant
AJ-90 Concrete Batching Plant Cost
AJ-90 Concrete Batching Plant

Customer Cases for Your Reference

We provide a single cement silo as well as the complete concrete plant equipment for your project. The following are some cases for your reference:

  • 25 ton and 150 ton silos shipped to Australia

The Australian client ordered one set of welded 25 ton silo and bolted 150 ton silo. These machines are built with high quality steel so they are very reliable and durable to use.

25 Ton Silo for Sale
25 Ton Cement Silo
25 Ton Silo Delivery
25 Ton Silo Delivery
150 Ton Silo to Australia
150 Ton Silo to Australia
  • Silo installation in New Zealand

We send our engineers to the job site and help the New Zealand client to install the large cement silo. With our experienced engineers, we can help the client be up and run quickly.

Cement Silo Installation
Cement Silo Installation
Large Silo for Sale
Large Silo in New Zealand
Silo Installation for New Zealand Client
Silo Installation for New Zealand Client

Cement Silo Selection

There are several variables for silo selection, including your concrete plant specifications, loading site design, height restrictions, available power source, etc. You can discuss these issues with one of our professionals who will help you select the most suitable and affordable equipment for your project. Contact us online now to get a free quote!

Cement Silo Parts

  • Dust-catcher

The function of the dust collector is to filter the gas discharged from the silo, and at the same time make the pressure inside and outside the silo reach a balance.

Some dust collectors are equipped with a vibration device (electric dust removal), which will shake off the collected dust at regular intervals. The dust collectors that are not equipped with such devices need to be checked regularly.

  • Guardrail

Guardrail is generally welded by a round tube. It allows the inspection and maintenance personnel to maintain the equipment safely and easily.

  • Ladder

There are ladders insider and outside the silo for the convenience of maintenance.

  • Level indicator

The function of level indication is to measure the height of the powder in the silo. The common type we use is a blade type level indicator.

Generally, one or two level indicators can be installed in a silo:

One on top: to measure is the bin is full

One at the bottom: to measure whether there is material in the silo and prevent empty positions.

Cement Silo Manufacturer
Cement Silo Parts
  • Feeding tube

The lower end of the feeding tube is connected to the cement pump truck, and the upper end is directly connected to the top of the silo.

  • Pressure safety valve/broken arch

The function of broken arch is to prevent blockage in the silo. Generally 50 ton cement silo is equipped with 3 broken arches, and silos above 50T are equipped with 6 broken arches.

  • Manual butterfly valve

The manual butterfly valve is the connection between the silo and the screw conveyor. In normal operation, the manual butterfly valve is opened so that the powder can enter into the screw conveyor. When you need to inspect the screw conveyor, the manual butterfly valve needs to be closed.

  • Holder

Holder is the part connected to the foundation. The height is variable and can be changed according to your specific requirements.

Service We Offer

We provide customers with a comprehensive after-sales service, including installation, commissioning and acceptance of the equipment, technical material, warranty, free technical advisory service, staff training and spare parts service. We have LBS centers in several countries, including Russia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Indonesia to provide local service. Our after-sales service engineers are high skilled and competent for the job. Our service is available at 24/7. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

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We have a wealth of experience in construction machinery industry and are committed to the continuous improvement on our products and service. We help clients evaluate their particular requirements to ensure the equipment is ideally suited to the job. Would you want to get the latest cement silo price? Contact us today.

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