Brick Making Plant

Brick making plant is designed to produce any type of blocks for construction purposes, such as concrete blocks, cement blocks, hollow blocks, solid blocks and paving blocks. With high degree of automation and rigid construction, the plant is meant for the utmost efficiency and longer service life. Besides, bricks made by these plants feature superior quality, high compressive strength and eco-friendly. 


Minimum order quantity 1 unit
Production capacity According to customer’s requirements
Automation grade Fully automatic or semi-automatic
Brick type Hollow, solid, paving blocks, etc.
Method Hydraulic pressure
Vibration Table vibration
Cycle time 15-25s
Brick Making Plant Sales
Brick Making Plant

Features of Aimix Brick Plant

  • High automation – the plant is automatically controlled by electronic circuits.
  • Environmental protection – brick making plant is designed to manufacture burning-free blocks, which helps in environmental pollution control.
  • Sturdy construction – the plant is engineered to withstand heavy cyclic loads with longer life.
  • Quality end products – the blocks made by the plant have high compressive strength and low water absorption capacity. 
  • High versatility – the versatile plant can produce various blocks such as cement blocks, concrete blocks, fly ash blocks, sand blocks, etc. that are made out of different raw materials.

Brick Making Plant Design

Incorporating the uses of several equipment and units, block making plant can effectively produce high quality blocks. It mainly comprises brick making machine, cement silo, screw conveyor, batching machine, concrete mixer, belt conveyor, vertical mixer and stacker, of which brick machine is the brain of the plant, while concrete mixer is the heart since these two are the main factors affecting the quality of the brick.

Brick Production Line
Brick Production Line in Dominica
  • Brock making machine – it is hydraulic operated for better compacting and molding effect. Our brick machine is available with a range of production capacities to suit any requirement of customers. In addition, you can choose between stationary and mobile type. These two types are equally effective in producing high quality blocks. However, the mobile brick machine can minimize the need for pallets as it lays blocks directly on the concrete floor. Popular models produced by Aimix Group include ABM-4S, ABM-5S, ABM-6S, ABM-8S, ABM-10S and ABM-12S. What’s more, various types and sizes of moulds can be fitted depending on your requirements.
  • Cement silo: 50-100T silo is commonly used in brick production line to store cement and fly ash. There are bolted type and welded type for you to choose from.
  • Screw conveyor: it is used to transfer cement to the weighing hopper.
  • Batching machine: PLD series concrete batcher is designed for storing, batching and weighing aggregate. Popular models employed in the brick production plant include PLD800 with two storage bins, PLD1200 with two or three storage bins, and PLD1600 with three storage bins.
  • Concrete mixer: JS500 and JS750 twin-shaft mixers are commonly used in brick plant to produce an even concrete mixture.
  • Belt conveyor: it is used to transport concrete mixture to the brick machine hopper.
  • Vertical mixer: JQ350, JQ400 and JQ500 are popular models designed to mix coating materials. They can be delivered with or without lifting hopper.
  • Stacker: it is used to handle bricks and pallets with reduced labor.

Brick Production Process

Flow Chart
Flow Chart
  • Raw material preparation

With the aid of batching equipment and weighing hoppers, raw materials including cement, fly ash, sand, gravel and slag can be mixed in the required proportions, and then they are delivered to a concrete mixer to produce uniform and quality concrete mixture. The mixed material is conveyed by the belt conveyor to the brick making machine.

  • Pallet preparation

Pallets are fed into the concrete block machine by a pallet feeder.

  • Coating material preparation

Coating material is mixed in the pan mixer and then fed into the brick machine.

  • Brick making

All the materials are compacted and molded continuously in the brick machine. Hydraulic pressure cylinder is designed for better forming effect. The finished bricks are stored on pallets, which are then transferred to the stacker by the block conveyor.

  • Brick curing

The bricks on the pallet are taken to the curing site by the forklift for curing.

Various Bricks
Various Bricks

Brick Making Plant for Sale Specifications And Configurations


  1. ABM-8S, ABM-10S, ABM-12S brick making machine
  2. 100T cement silo
  3. Screw conveyor
  4. Cement and water weighing system
  5. PLD1200 batching machine (two or three bins)
  6. JS750 concrete mixer
  7. Pallet feeder
  8. 8m belt conveyor
  9. Stacker
  10. Pallet thickness: PVC 25-30mm, bamboo 25-30mm, fiber 25-30mm

Note: if coating material is required to produce bricks of a certain color, JQ350 vertical mixer and 6m belt conveyor are provided.

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  1. ABM-4S, ABM-5S, ABM-6S block making machine
  2. 50-100T cement silo
  3. Screw conveyor
  4. Water and cement weighing hoppers
  5. PLD800 or PLD1200 batching equipment
  6. JS500 concrete mixer
  7. Pallet feeder (optional)
  8. 8m belt conveyor
  9. Stacker
  10. JQ350 pan mixer with 6m belt conveyor
  11. Pallet thickness: PVC 20-25mm, bamboo 20-25mm, fiber 22-25mm


  1. ABM-3S, ABM-3A small brick machine
  2. JQ400 or JQ500 pan mixer
  3. 8m belt conveyor
  4. Stacker
  5. Pallet thickness: PVC 18-20mm, bamboo 20-22mm, fiber 20-22mm

Why Choose Us

  1. We offer a wide range of designs and configurations to suit each and every requirement of clients.
  2. Brick plant machines are built with high quality materials as well as under stringent quality control which make them highly reliable and durable.
  3. We offer the most competitive price as compared to other suppliers.
  4. We provide a complete after-sales service to make sure your project runs quickly and smoothly.
  5. We guarantee fast delivery to match your project schedule

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