Batch Type Asphalt Plant

Batch type asphalt plant produces asphalt mixtures in batches to ensure the consistency in the mix quality. The plant can be designed with large capacity, ideal for medium to large projects. Due to superior quality of finished products, the batch plant is suitable for paving high-grade roads, such as highways. We offer a variety of asphalt batch mix plant models to suit your specific project requirements, include ALQ40, ALQ60, ALQ80, ALQ100, ALQ120, ALQ160, ALQ200, ALQ240, and ALQ320.

ALQ60 Batch Type Asphalt Plant
Model ALQ60
Production capacity(t/h) 60
Mixer(kg) 800
Mixing cycle(s) 45
Dry capacity(t/h) 80
Bag dust Filter area(m2) 380
Fan motor (KW) 45
Vibrating layer 4
Asphalt tank(t) Option, 10-40T or Depend on request
ALQ80 Asphalt Batch Plant
Model ALQ80
Production capacity(t/h) 80
Mixer(kg) 1200
Mixing cycle(s) 45
Dry capacity(t/h) 100
Bag dust Filter area(m2) 420
Fan motor (KW) 55
Vibrating layer 4
Asphalt tank(t) Option, 10-40T or Depend on request
ALQ100 Batch Type Asphalt Plant For Sale
Model ALQ100
Production capacity(t/h) 100
Mixer(kg) 1300
Mixing cycle(s) 45
Dry capacity(t/h) 120
Bag dust Filter area(m2) 420
Fan motor (KW) 55
Vibrating layer 4
Asphalt tank(t) Option, 10-40T or Depend on request
ALQ120 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant
Model ALQ120
Production capacity(t/h) 120
Mixer(kg) 1700
Mixing cycle(s) 45
Dry capacity(t/h) 150
Bag dust Filter area(m2) 520
Fan motor (KW) 75
Vibrating layer 4
Asphalt tank(t) Option, 10-40T or Depend on request
ALQ160 Asphalt Batching Plant
Model ALQ160
Production capacity(t/h) 160
Mixer(kg) 2300
Mixing cycle(s) 45
Dry capacity(t/h) 200
Bag dust Filter area(m2) 620
Fan motor (KW) 110
Vibrating layer 5
Asphalt tank(t) Option, 10-40T or Depend on request
ALQ200 Large Asphalt Plant
Model ALQ200
Production capacity(t/h) 200
Mixer(kg) 2800
Mixing cycle(s) 45
Dry capacity(t/h) 260
Bag dust Filter area(m2) 820
Fan motor (KW) 132
Vibrating layer 5
Asphalt tank(t) Option, 10-40T or Depend on request
ALQ240 Asphalt Plant
Model ALQ240
Production capacity(t/h) 240
Mixer(kg) 3300
Mixing cycle(s) 45
Dry capacity(t/h) 300
Bag dust Filter area(m2) 1050
Fan motor (KW) 150
Vibrating layer 5
Asphalt tank(t) Option, 10-40T or Depend on request
ALQ320 Asphalt Mixing Plant
Model ALQ320
Production capacity(t/h) 320
Mixer(kg) 4500
Mixing cycle(s) 45
Dry capacity(t/h) 400
Bag dust Filter area(m2) 1224
Fan motor (KW) 185
Vibrating layer 6
Asphalt tank(t) Option, 10-40T or Depend on request

Features And Advantages of Batch Type Asphalt Plant

  • Ideal for large-scale and high-grade road construction projects
  • Intermittent production process, high level of flexibility
  • High-quality finished product due to the accurate measurement of each batch produced
  • Real-time monitoring and precise change of bitumen-aggregate ratio during operation
  • Accurate measurement, high-precision screening
  • Highly automatic control system
  • Environmentally friendly

Working Principle of Batch Type Asphalt Plant

Cold aggregate enters the appropriate batching machine according to the particle size, which is then transferred from the conveyor belt to the vibrating screen. Cold aggregate with a particle size larger than 4cm is filtered out, and the others are sent to the drying drum by an inclined belt conveyor for drying and heating. And then the hot aggregates enter the elevator from the burner end, and are delivered to vibrating screen, in which the hot aggregates are screened according to the sieve holes and enter different hot silos. After accurate weighing, the hot aggregates in different hot silos go down to the mixing unit in batches according to the preset ratio. At the same time, the powder falls from the screw conveyor and the heated liquid asphalt is sprayed out by the nozzle. After thorough mixing, batches of finished materials are produced.

Components of Asphalt Batching Plant

  • Cold aggregate supply system: continuously and uniformly send the cold aggregate to the intermediate filtering screen for filtering.
  • Inclined belt conveyor: continuously and evenly send qualified cold aggregate to the drying drum for heating.
  • Filter screen: screen out the unqualified aggregate (usually larger than 42mm) to prevent large particles from entering the drying drum, causing heat loss and blocking after entering the stone elevator.
  • Drum dryer: various aggregates are evenly heated to a certain temperature, and sent to the hot aggregate elevator from the discharge port. The drying drum uses double-layer insulation. The outlet of the drying cylinder is designed with a temperature measuring device for controlling the temperature in time. Feeding blade in the drying cylinder offers high efficiency and uniform heating.
  • Burner: coal burner or oil burner
  • Hot aggregate bucket elevator: to lift various materials from the outlet to the specified position (vibrating screen or powder storage bin).
  • Dust removal system: it is composed of two-stage dust removal equipment. The first-stage dust removal equipment removes large particles, thus reducing the working pressure of the second stage, and extending its service life. The removed large particles are directly sent to the hot aggregate elevator. The secondary dust removal equipment removes dust again and reduces dust emissions, effectively improving environmental protection. The removed dust can be transferred to the recycling powder bin for recycling or centralized discharge.
  • Vibrating screen: sieving different specifications of hot aggregates for accurate metering and grading before mixing.
  • Weighing system: hot aggregate metering device; powder metering device; asphalt metering and spraying device.
  • Mixing system: mixer is the core component of the asphalt mixing system, which can thoroughly mix the hot aggregate, powder and asphalt that have been weighed according to a certain proportion to produce high quality asphalt mix. Adopt double shaft paddle mixer; the motor is sourced from well-known international brands; The wear-resistant blades and linings are made of chrome-molybdenum alloy wear-resistant cast iron, which provide long service life; The mixing cylinder adopts dual-axis counter-rotation to ensure an even mixing of aggregate; the synchronous gear guarantees the synchronous rotation of the two axes.
  • Powder supply system: it consists of new powder silo, recycled powder silo, temporary powder silo, powder elevator, screw conveyor, etc.
  • Bitumen supply system: asphalt tanks and pipelines are provided with thermal insulation layers for less heat loss; fast heating of asphalt technology, high efficiency and energy saving; asphalt tanks are equipped with liquid level and temperature display devices for easy operation; thermal oil furnace has an automatic control system; the asphalt system is neatly arranged, which is pre-installed and tested for pressure, thus you can quickly install and connect on site.
  • Pneumatic system: provide power required for the normal operation of the relevant parts of the equipment and the opening and closing of each material port, as well as high-pressure air required by the dust collector.
  • Control system: PC + PLC control system offers stable and easy operation
  • Finished product storage system
Batch Type Asphalt Plant Manufacturer
Batch Type Asphalt Plant

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