ABM6S Brick Making Machine To Dominica

Aimix brick making machine will be shipped to the customer’s destination Dominica.

  • Model: ABM6S
  • Molding cycle: 15-20s
  • Vibration frequency: 2800-5100 r/min
  • Pallet size: 900*700mm
  • Dimension: 7450 * 2450 * 2900mm
ABM6S Brick Making Machine For Sale
ABM6S Brick Making Machine
Brick Machine For Sale
Brick Machine

Features of Aimix Brick Machine

  • It can replace molds to produce bricks of various shapes and sizes.
  • The machine is made of strong steel and special welding technology and materials, which is strong and durable.
  • Pressurized up and down and vibrated strongly, especially suitable for the production of heavy-duty high-strength bricks.
  • Adopting four-bar guiding method and long guiding bearing to ensure the accurate movement of the indenter and die.
  • Imported electrical and hydraulic components and a special oil tank cooling system make the control and hydraulic systems basically trouble-free.
  • Using man-machine interface, various parameters can be modified at any time according to different products and raw materials.
  • The computer PLC central control system can realize fully automated production.

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